Church Recorders are volunteers from our society who make records of the contents of our national churches, thereby promoting the recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage to be found in places of worship of all religions. The items are described in detail and their history researched. All the material is then compiled into a book illustrated with photographs and drawings. This is presented to the church and copies are sent to national institutions.

The work at St. Bartholomew is very near completion now and we will be presenting the recording to the congregation in the near future. There was discussion and some research done in the Spring and Summer of 2014 regarding our next venue for Church Recording. It was finally agreed that we might offer our efforts at St. Mary’s Church, King’s Worthy, Winchester. The approval and permission to begin there was not given until the Autumn ’14 and so we began to carry out the work - once we had that clearance. Two of our WDFAS members – Linda Banks and Trish Bright - were extremely helpful in “selling the concept” to the St. Mary’s PCC. This process can be a little tricky at times. “Church Recording” is not widely understood. Some PCC members might be forgiven for thinking that NADFAS Church Recorders are archaeologists who will dig up the church and its environs in their enthusiasm to establish historical origins. There is also the school of thought that groups of Church Recorders are bands of recorder players!!

We have had the unhappy task of saying “Good bye” in the past year. For a variety of reasons, John Martin and Judy Simmons have retired/declared intention to retire. Both these dedicated and very long-serving Church Recorders are owed especially huge gratitude. They came to our initial meeting at St. Stephen Church, Sparsholt June 2007, and offered their services to the then newly-forming current group. They had been very productive members of our former Church Recording group which had disbanded in 2004. Their diligence and attention to detail has been a tremendous contribution to the work of Winchester DFAS Church Recording. Sara Woodriffe, also a member of that original group, continues to record the stained glass, thankfully. Sara has been so generous in sharing her expertise with others and thus ensuring continuity. The Textiles and Library Sections in past recordings are the work of Judy and John (with some helpers as well, of course).

It is with sadness that we report the death of Jeremy Langdon-Mudge.  Jeremy was a popular and enthusiastic Church recorder and is very much missed from our ranks. We hope to have some representation at a Memorial service in his honour.

In conclusion, please think about “exploring Church Recording” as a volunteer. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month- currently at St. Mary’s Church, Kings Worthy at 1:30pm. However, as it is the habit of our group, we meet at “The Cart and Horses” beforehand, and enjoy lunch and camaraderie there at 12:00 noon - pre-meeting. Strangely, The WDFAS Church Recorders always seem to be recording near a local pub on CRing days!

Please call Heather Wyles for information.


  • St. Lawrence in the Square, Winchester
  • St. Swithun - Upon - Kingsgate, Winchester
  • St. Stephen, Sparsholt, Nr Winchester
  • St. Bartholomew, Hyde, Winchester
  • St.Mary, Kings Worthy, Nr Winchester (Commenced January 2015)